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Friday, 26 August 2016

Glass color painting on an OHP Sheet-DIY- Cute Rabbit

"The world is like a looking glass.. It gives back to every man a true reflection of his own thoughts.."-Thackery

 Hello everyone..

After a wonderful week full of work and wonders of celebrating Janmashtami.. Here comes a painting for kids..Its a colorful painting of a cute rabbit done on a OHP sheet using glass colors..

It is very simple and colorful and so it will be a wonderful artwork to do along with your kids.. You can do the outlining and your kids can pour the colors..


The most important thing to note here is Time.. Time is an essential concern while using glass colors because each step in this painting needs time .....

The outliner needs atleast 3 hours to dry.. For filling colors,  it is advisable to wait for each color to dry for atleast 25 mins before we pour the next color. In case of blending two or more colors, the amount of the color needed to create the effect has to be carefully decided before pouring the glass color on to the surface... Mixing of unwanted colors is a waste of time and energy as we have to repeat it after carefully cleaning them..

Things needed:
  1. OHP Sheet

  2. Glass colors

  3. A safety pin(To burst air bubbles)
  4. An old cloth(To wipe the nozzles of the glass colors)

The pattern of this rabbit was traced from a 20 year old greeting card.. Often, our itsy bitsy treasure trove will provide us wonderful surprises..

An OHP sheet is placed on the pattern and the outline is done with glass outliner black color..

The golden yellow and cherry red colors are blended for the rabbit's body and pink and golden yellow colors are blended for the flowers.... All other colors for leaves (Green) and the center fur(Brown)and black color for eyes and nose are filled..

The finished painting looks like this....

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Hope you enjoyed this post..See you soon with my next artwork.. Have a nice day..

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