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Monday, 19 December 2016

A4 Size Zentangle Tiles

Hello everyone..

Today I have posted an A4 Sized tiled Zentangle patterns.. Being a Mehendhi artist, I love drawing intricate designs.. So the idea of drawing zentangle art and its inspired drawings gave me a wonderful feeling.. Now I am always thinking each and every moment about designs and patterns..(even my family noticed..😏)

This pattern took a weekend to complete.. But I feel so nice on seeing the completed tile..I have tried a new thing too. I have drawn the patterns inspired by some of my favorite principles in life.. Take a look..

In this first part,
The first tile is inspired by the hair braid design..When we braid our hair it is easy to maintain and the knots will become almost none.. So good arrangement of items will make the place look neat and there will be no tension of searching anything at the time of need..

The second tile has many criss cross lines with tiny lines over them.. This drawing depicts us over-complicating things.. When we concentrate on the cross lines(i.e., our problems) alone, we will miss seeing the tiny stars (i.e., beauty around us)among them and at the background of the tile..

The third tile has several shapes with same inner designs.. No matter what how we look outside, our inner systems are all the same to all of us people.. This tile is to say that however we may look like, We all are beautiful..

The fourth tile has a flower design is with both sharp and curved edges..We have to be tough to avoid people who uses us almost and we have to be yielding towards people who loves us most..

The second part looks like this..

In this part, the first tile depicts the patience that we need to achieve our goal, step by step.. We have to plan our progress, prepare for failure and proceed steadily..

The second tile represents the difference between living a single life and  a family life.. The former is like a flower with full fragrance and the latter creates a collage of petals..There is a great looking road of transition between them too😥..

The third tile depicts road safety.. We have to careful and clever enough to follow rules on road..Walkers should cross on zebra crossing..

The fourth tile says the importance of looking back our trails.. Each triangle has its own shaded trail at their back..The events in our life gives us many happy memories and also some tough lessons of life.. We have to be sure to look in our past to live good in our future and enjoy our present..

Explainations on other tiles are on the way in my following posts..Follow my blog for updates.. Thanks for reading..

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..

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