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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Crape Paper Roses

Hello everyone..

Roses have been used to express love, to ask forgiveness, to wish happiness and many such wonderful things.. But the rose like any natural flower, will not be fresh forever.. for its life time is a maximum of a week if preserved.. ..

Can we grow a natural rose which won't become dry? we don't know.. but what we know is we can make some artificial roses which can look like those wonderful real roses.. what these roses lack in terms of fragrance, they will surely make it up with their visual appeal..Don't they?

We can make roses using satin ribbon, Organdy cloth, tissue paper, Color paper, Sola wood, etc., Today I have made some roses using crape paper.. which I learnt through youtube..

I have used light pink and dark red crape paper for making the rose petals..

The leaves and fillers are made using green color paper.. I have pasted some thermocol balls on the fillers and tied pollens on its end..

When I have arranged them in a flower vase, it looked like this..

Now we have these roses which will stay beautiful forever.. Hope you liked my post.. Feel free to comment.. Thank you for visiting my blog..

You can view the youtube video here..

Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

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