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Monday, 13 February 2017

Acrylic painting-Red rose

Hello everyone..

On Valentine's Day, Love is in the air.. What else expresses  love better than a single red rose..? So, in this post, I have posted a red rose that I have drawn using acrylic paints.. For this painting, I have used the same rose that I have traced from my kid's coloring book..

Please Click this link to view that red rose post.

The technique used to draw this rose is simple, different, less time consuming but looks wonderful.. (by the way, I learnt it in youtube😊😊)..
  1. First I have drawn this rose by seeing the picture.. 
  2. Give a dark background color as you wish..
  3. Then I gave the shading using black color acrylic paint and water.. (for the whole picture)
  4. Now, I mixed the red acrylic paint with a medium to make it thinner and applied it on the petals and left it to dry
  5. Then , repeat  step 3 with green color for leaves and stem.
  6.  Now, Give another red coating to our rose( Its optional.. It brings out the color nicely and makes our rose stand out) 
The end result looked like this..

 Thank you for your time.. Hope you liked this .. 

Have a nice day.. Keep on painting..

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