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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Garland using oasis flowerbed

Hello everyone..

We all might know or heard about the dark green colored flowerbed which is mainly used in  natural flower decorations in stages, cutouts, pathways, etc., to keep those flowers fresh.. Today I have a made a garland using that oasis flowerbed.. This garland is very small and can be used for small deities.. 

We offer pooja and prayers to our deities daily.. But on many auspicious occasions, we would like to decorate our deities..and we would also be ready to spend more for that tiny things which looks beautiful but costs dear(especially during the festive days).. So this comes both as an interesting and useful craft.. We can make something by ourselves which looks more beautiful than we buy in the shops..

To make this garland, 

We will need..
  1. An oasis flower bed
  2. Some precut flowers of our choice..
  3. Beads 
  4. Needle and Thread
  5. Fabric glue 
 Step 1:

Cut the oasis flower bed into small squares of about an inch side..

Apply fabric glue on all four sides and paste the flowers onto it..

Now make many such floral beds and let it dry for atleast an hour.. 

After they have dried, Take some beads and sequins to make our garland..

Arrange the flowers and beads in any order of our choice and insert it through the needle and thread to make this garland..

Hope you liked my craft.. Thank you for visiting my blog..

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..

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