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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

DIY Popsicle Sticks Pen stand

Hello everyone..

We all worry about our clumsy work spaces.. right? It is true that if we organize our work space, we can easily save time, avoid unwanted stress and of course, find out what we look for very easily.. So today I give you a pen stand to keep all your pens,pencils, paint brushes,etc., safely..

As I have mentioned in almost all my posts(Sorry..I know😒), I love flowers.. Whatever i think to create, the flowers keep appearing on my mind unconsciously..

I saw a kid enjoying his Popsicle ice cream on my way home. As usual, the flowers appeared on my mind and  I got an idea..A fence with climbers..Wow.. It was a wonderful glowing bulb moment for me(Yay..🙌)


On that thought,Let's see how my popsicle pen stand looks..
Ta da...

Now we can see how was it done..

I have pasted 3 Popsicle sticks together with a half sized crossed stick.. this forms one side of the pen stand.. Make 3 more to get 4 set of fence like structures.. Stick them at each others end to form a box.. This is our pen stand..

Here comes the interesting part.. I have made some flower patterns using this stamp on some color papers..(dark and light green, yellow, dark and light pink)

I pasted those flowers on each side of the pen stand to create the look of climbers on a fence..

If we look in this picture, we can see the inside of the pen stand and the back of the flowers..

Now our popsicle sticks pen stand is ready for show.. .. Thank you for visiting my blog.. Feel free to share your ideas or corrections in the comments section..

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..🎨

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Stocking cloth butterfly

Hello everyone..

I love flowers and butterflies very much.. They have their unique way of expressing our thoughts and feelings.. So today I have posted a handmade butterfly made by using stocking cloth.. When I did this butterfly, I didn't even know what a blog means.. 

Now , I thought that this is butterfly is worth posting as it is my favorite(and also, I found its hiding place only yesterday😆).. I made it as a birthday greeting card for my husband some 5 years back..

The butterfly is made by stretching the  stocking cloth over the golden rod.. The center body is made of paper and the whole butterfly is decorated using golden outliner, beads and some sequins..

Take a look at it and share your comments below.. 

 Hope you liked my greeting card and the butterfly.. Have a nice day..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Keep on crafting..